Multilingual marketing strategy to promote medical products

multilingual marketing medicine

Multilingual marketing strategy to promote medical products

If you want to sell a product, devising the right marketing plan for it is crucial. If it is a medical product, and if you plan to sell it abroad, you will need to think about an effective multilingual marketing strategy. In this article, we will focus on this very aspect and provide you with tips and advice on how to sell your medical devices abroad effectively.

Imagine this scenario: Your company has recently launched the latest-generation medical device on the market, which could prove to be revolutionary and help doctors and patients to greatly improve hospital operations. Once the development and production phases are over, a new question arises. How do you advertise your new devices so that they reach your target audience?

If you also intend to market your products abroad, the situation becomes more complicated. In this case, you will not only have to develop an effective marketing strategy but also structure a coordinated and well-planned multilingual marketing strategy. For example, with 450 million inhabitants, targeting your products in such a way as to win over citizens of other member states could prove to be a real challenge in the European Union. Not to mention all the different rules to follow. Hence, there is no shortage of things to think about.

If keeping track of all the requirements seems too complex for you, we will present the basic steps to develop a multilingual marketing strategy in this article. This way, you will know what to pay attention to, so your products get the recognition they deserve abroad.


Marketing strategy: what it is and why it is important

In general, a marketing strategy is a plan of action aimed at attracting and satisfying customer needs through a product or service offering. It could include several activities, such as defining the target market, analyzing competitors, determining product positioning, choosing distribution channels, setting the price, and developing promotional activities.

multilingual marketing strategy

A well-crafted marketing plan is instrumental in achieving business goals by identifying target markets, customer needs, and growth opportunities. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors, create added value, and develop a unique market positioning. This strategy should become the starting point for planning marketing activities and evaluating the results achieved, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of actions and make corrections where necessary.

But what are the peculiarities of a multilingual marketing strategy, especially for the promotion of medical devices?


Multilingual marketing strategy

Of course, if you decide to expand your market abroad and advertise your medical devices in other countries, it is essential to take into account the peculiarities of a multilingual marketing strategy. It can help your company reach a wide range of consumers, increase brand visibility, and generate more profits. Furthermore, having a multilingual strategy will demonstrate your company’s commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion, which could certainly enhance your reputation.


First phase of your strategy: website and promotional material

As you have probably realized by now, a multilingual marketing strategy is essential for international medical companies. If your medical products are intended for an international audience, the ability to communicate your message accurately in more than one language could really make a difference in promoting your products and their success on the global market.

multilingual marketing medicine webThe first phase of a multilingual marketing strategy should include translating your website and promotional materials into several languages. In this way, product and device information can be used by an international audience and adapted to the needs of each specific market.

Of course, an effective multilingual marketing strategy will require the use of native speakers to ensure adaptation to the local culture and respect for linguistic and cultural nuances.



Step two: data sheets and leaflets

Once you have created the multilingual version of your site, you will need to focus on product descriptions, data sheets, and package inserts, all of which are key elements in a multilingual marketing strategy for medical products. These documents contain essential information for patients, healthcare professionals, and retailers. Accurate translation is crucial to ensure proper understanding and effective communication. For example, patients and healthcare professionals will need to be able to fully comprehend the side effects, contraindications, and how to use medical products. Retailers will also need accurate product information to be able to sell them effectively and safely and to recommend them to the appropriate customers and companies.

In this regard, we invite you to read our article on the translation of product sheets, in which we explored the role of such elements in international marketing and communications.


Aspects to consider for your medical marketing strategy

In the medical sector, your multilingual marketing strategy will have to pay special attention to local regulations, as well as the different cultures and values of the target countries. Your advertising message will have to be adapted to the different languages and regulations of the target country. For example, the marketing of a medical product in an eastern country, which may require a completely different localization strategy than in a western country due to the different sensitivity of the population and the different purposes and uses of the product in question.

When it comes to the translation of product descriptions, data sheets, and package leaflets, one must also bear in mind that an incorrect translation could cause problems in understanding and communicating with the customer, which could have negative consequences on the perception of the product and the company’s reputation.

For this reason, as we have already mentioned, it will be essential to rely on translation professionals specialized in the medical sector to guarantee the maximum return on investment for your multilingual marketing strategy.


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