E-commerce Localization: Human Translation, MT and GenAI

ecommerce localization choosing among human translation mt and genai

E-commerce Localization: Human Translation, MT and GenAI

E-commerce companies aiming to expand globally and achieve sales success encounter a significant challenge: content localization. Human translation, machine translation, and GenAI represent three effective solutions for enhancing the online shopping experience for global customers. Which one to choose? On what criteria? It depends entirely on your specific needs.


Building global connections: discover how human translation can transform your e-commerce

Would you like your creative texts, filled with cultural references, to make a powerful impact across various markets? Deep understanding of your target audience, native market expertise, and language proficiency are essential for creating content that connects with customers and drives sales.

Choosing human translation may come with a higher cost, yet it can prove to be a strategic investment that yields exceptional results.

Which content should you focus on? Prioritize high-visibility pages, key products, and creative advertising texts. In this case, also consider transcreation – a strategy that aims to retain the essence of the original message through substantial text’s reinvention.

discover how human translation can transform your e-commerce

Additionally, remember to consider the SEO implications. Expanding into a new market involves being at the highest positions in local SEO rankings and standing out from your competitors. Properly managing keywords and integrating them into your content is essential for enhancing visibility on search engines and driving increased traffic to your website.

Did you know that Google accounts for 81.95% of global searches? Ensure that users worldwide can instantly find your products, regardless of the language they search in!


Unlocking your growth: leverage MT for quick and cost-effective e-commerce localization

Are you currently collaborating with a copywriter and focusing your e-commerce strategy on developing all content in your target market’s primary language, with plans to translate it only after completing this initial phase?

To quickly translate large volumes of text at a significantly reduced cost (up to 70% off), MT is undoubtedly the preferred choice, especially for translating product descriptions and less creative content.

To ensure the highest quality, always opt for a post-editing flow so that human translators can always proofread the machine-generated text before publication. Providing accurate content in your customers’ native language will help increase their confidence in your products!

Did you know that the global machine translation market size is expected to reach US$ 305.1 Million by 2027? That’s a clear indication that this technology is a key resource for business growth.


Investing in multilingual product descriptions: explore the power of GenAI in e-commerce localization

Are you looking for a way to have your content instantly accessible in all your target market languages, without the hassle of translation? Start exploring the possibilities of GenAI.

Its applications are countless. For instance, you could provide a set of keywords and use AI to autonomously generate identical content across various languages, choosing the desired level of creativity. The most cutting-edge systems even allow to generate precise and compelling descriptions directly from product visuals, thereby streamlining your publishing process.

Navigating the plethora of GenAI tools is not simple. While the Web presents boundless opportunities, real success depends on the effective integration of code language and human language and the collaboration between machines and humans. This synergy harnesses the precision of the former and the critical thinking abilities of the latter.

Creative Words has rebranded this synergy as “Human Approved.” Go and check out our blog article where we thoroughly discuss this highly hot topic.

Did you know that the 90% of marketers consider GenAI useful for their content creation?

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