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At Creative Words, we strongly believe in continuing education and sharing knowledge and best practices.

This is why we developed a series of e-books, free to download, on the various aspects, sectors and markets of localisation.

Machine Translation. Types, use cases and Post-Editing

The first of these was written by our CEO and Founder, Diego Cresceri, a strong believer in the potential of Artificial Intelligence in the language services sector. This e-book addresses such issues as static machine translation (SMT) and neural machine translation (NMT) and, thanks to some case studies, it also explains how your business can benefit from Machine Translation and Post-Editing.

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Is your localization strategy going places? A complete guide for Hospitality and Travel companies

Our Lead Linguist and Knowledge Manager Michela Sammarone has written the second volume in our e-book series, “Is your localisation strategy going places? A complete guide for Hospitality and Travel companies”. This e-book provide analysis on the top localisation strategies for three areas of the tourism sector: large international hotel brands, online booking platforms and travel tech companies.

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Step up your game! A complete guide on videogame localization, its challenges and opportunities

“Step up your game! A complete guide to video game localisation, its challenges and opportunities”, written by Mirco Carlini, lead linguist at Creative Words and an expert in the sector, has put together some opinion pieces, commentaries and descriptions about video game localisation.


This manual is a must!

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Say it in your customers'words. Why your ideas need transcreation

The term Transcreation comes from combining the words “translation” and “creation” and refers to creative translations that evoke the same feelings as the original message, but with a different cultural context.
How can transcreation be a quality solution for your brand? Find out more in the e-book by our lead linguist Lavinia Tomasinelli.

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