Learning Bites/1: 3 Courses to upskill as a Localization Professional in 2020

Localization Courses | 3 corsi sulla localizzazione: tablet, tastiera e appunti sulla scrivania

Learning Bites/1: 3 Courses to upskill as a Localization Professional in 2020

The new year is the perfect time to set some new learning goals to grow your skills for personal and professional development.


Did you know that when you try LinkedIn Premium for free for 1 month, you get access to their learning platform? And did you know you can add certificates of completed courses to your LinkedIn profile? There is no better time, then, to start creating a new learning path. Here’s a selection of three short localization courses handpicked for you to upskill as a professional.

This project manager is going to be legendary

Last December we held our first Open Day in Genoa and we had the pleasure to host a group of passionate students and fresh graduates. They took this chance to know more about all the roles of our Creative-family and simulate a real day of work in a translation agency. While everyone was quite familiar with the typical translator’s functions, they admitted they knew little about the project manager’s role.

Nowadays project management is a key competency in most organisations and people in every industry recognise its importance so much that it appears twice in the list of 5 most popular courses on LinkedIn for 2019. LinkedIn offers a wide variety of paths in project management. For a general and simplified overview, we recommend to start from this course covering all the basics: Project Management Simplified (length: 1h 12m)

Want more translation project management insights? Browse the list of suggested courses on LinkedIn, discover how a day looks like for a PM or get a sneak peek inside The Legend of the Project Manager.

Managing your time as a freelancer

Another interesting question raised by our young guests was about translators’ working hours and time management. If you have been working as a freelancer for a few years, you have already experienced the joys and sorrows of working from home. But when you are first approaching this lifestyle, time management can be tricky. Distractions, poor Internet connection and unhealthy habits are just a few possible scenarios you should consider when setting up your office at home. If you are struggling with managing your time as a freelancer, you will benefit from the tips shared in this course: Time Management: working from home (length: 1h 19m)

Upskilling to offer SEO as a service

If you are an experienced translator and you are now considering learning something new this year to meet increasing demand for services other than translation, a short course on international SEO basics could be a good starting point: International SEO (length 1h 59m)

This kind of localization courses offered by LinkedIn will give you some technical background and useful tips to get familiar with multilingual SEO. Now that the basics have no secrets, you can find the best keyword search tool online for your target language, you can practice keyword optimisation on your own translations and deliver SEO-friendly copy. This way, you add value to your (and your customer’s) content and you are all set to venture in more advanced courses to offer SEO as a service.

Before jumping into your favourite localization courses, don’t forget 3 simple tips that will help you along the way:

  • Set realistic learning goals from the start
  • Plan your training calendar
  • Set alerts so you stick to your plan.

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