Case Study: Netcomm Forum


Netcomm Forum, a key event in the Italian digital sphere, was held in Milan on 8th and 9th May in the incredible Milan Convention Centre (MiCo) exhibition space.


The aim of Netcomm Forum was clear: to provide digital professionals with a unique opportunity to meet and discuss the subjects of e-commerce, digital retail and business innovation — hot topics that are constantly evolving.

Creative Words was called upon to make these topics accessible and usable for an international audience by providing simultaneous interpreting from Italian into English and vice versa during the event’s plenary sessions.

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The challenge of simultaneous interpreting: respecting industry terminology while maintaining audience engagement


Along with networking and partnership opportunities, the chance to enjoy innovative and interesting content was a significant motivation for the over 30,000 visitors who flocked to MiCo over the two days of the event.


With a packed schedule and more than 15 talks each day, Creative Words was tasked with ensuring accurate and timely communication that respected the industry jargon while engaging the foreign audience to the greatest extent possible.

Experience and preparation: the two key factors in tackling this challenge


Creative Words responded to Netcomm’s needs by selecting two highly qualified simultaneous interpreters with over 20 years of experience in conference interpreting in the digital sector. The interpreters worked in booths, taking turns to ensure the flawless translation of talks in real time.


As in all successful projects, the partnership with the event organisers was crucial. The interpreters carefully reviewed all the available documentation related to the talks before preparing and refining their term bases in advance. Creative Words facilitated the integration and involvement of everyone involved, ensuring a professional and collaborative approach that contributed to the success of the event.


case study netcomm result

An all-round success


Creative Words’ assistance brought tangible and considerable results.


The plenary sessions saw exceptional attendance, with around 10,000 visitors, thanks to the combination of quality content, outstanding presentations and flawless communication with the foreign audience.

What Netcomm says about us


The organisers of Netcomm were delighted with the partnership with Creative Words, providing extremely positive feedback:


“The support provided by Creative Words during the Netcomm Forum was essential to the success of the event. Thanks to their expertise and professionalism, we were able to ensure smooth communication and the flawless translation of content, fully meeting the expectations of the international audience present, who greatly appreciated the service.”

case study what netcomm says about us