• Oct 2, 2019


by Daniela D'Amato


Bleisure, aka “the new way of finding a good life-work balance”. The term is the combination of the two words “business” and “leisure”, as simple as that sounds. It looks like someone finally gave an official name to a fairly popular trend in the business world (just like when the word “selfie” became the official word for, well… selfies).

So, what is this bleisure all about? It’s about adding a couple of days of vacation to a business trip. Picture that: your boss asks you to get on a plane on Thursday to jump into a meeting in Athens on Friday morning, but then books you a flight back on the very same Friday evening. Isn’t it a pity to come back home after having quite literally seen Athens’ airport only? Well, times are changing and companies’ mindsets are changing too: the idea is that if employees are happy, inspired and relaxed, they will come back in the office the next Monday with a whole new set of ideas and energies to put into their daily work routine. Doesn’t it make perfect sense? Trust me, it so does.



I am one of those lucky employees who work in a company where bleisure is accepted and encouraged: I love travelling and since I have myself a bit of a FOMO (i.e., Fear Of Missing Out) I wouldn’t be happy enough to come back home without having made use of every single minute of my time abroad. So, guess what? I love bleisure. Now, have a nice good look at where my latest business trip was from the picture below, and let me know if you wouldn’t have loved to add a couple of days to the trip yourself too:


Yes, the big Apple, ladies and gents. Pretty cool, uh? Even if I had to work and attend a few meetings and conferences while being there, I did have enough time to enjoy living in the city that doesn’t sleep.

Where am I trying to get to with all these words? I’m not trying to make you envious (still, I do know I deserve your envy): what I am trying to say is that it’s Sunday evening, I still have a bit of a jet lag to get rid of and bags of clothes to wash, yet I am here sitting at my computer writing this blog post for you to read, checking some work-related emails and taking down a few notes to bring back to the office about ideas that came up to my mind as I was strolling around precisely here:



If you are as lucky as I am to be working in a place that encourages bleisure, make sure you make the most of your business trips without the fear of asking your boss for permission: make them read this blog post if you think it could help, so they can always hope you’ll be coming back to the office with great ideas for the future.

As for me, even though I am still a bit tired and the thought of jumping on a plane right now is not so appealing, I still can’t wait to be on my next business trip. When is it going to be? In two weeks. Where? Prague. And will I be bleisuring (yep, I am even conjugating the term now) my way around the Czech city? You can bet your next holiday I will. 


Daniela D’Amato – Operations Manager at Creative Words, she loves the world of Localization almost as much as she loves music. While looking out for new challenges, she never leaves anything to chance and keeps everything (and everyone) under control.


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