Before launching your new software, your cutting-edge app or your latest gripping video game, make sure it works on any operating system, all devices, in all languages and in any location. Failure to do this might generate an overwhelming number of support requests or bad reviews from communities, with devastating repercussions on sales and profits... and your credibility.

Thanks to an extensive network of testers in every corner of the world, we can quickly find people with the right demographics and skills you need to ensure your product is ready for its big début.

You can rely on us to fulfil any linguistic or operational testing requirement on mobile devices, PC, Mac and the cloud, thus ensuring customers will enjoy the best user experience and you’ll see the return on your investment grow.

Translation & Localization


Via alla Porta degli Archi 10/9 - 16121 Genova (GE) - Italy
Email: info@creative-words.com
Ph: +39 (0) 10 8970500
Fax: +39 (0) 10 8970344
Mobile: +39 320 9730292
Skype: diego.cresceri

"A different language is a different vision of life."   Federico Fellini

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