Translator & Post-editor

Born and bred in Savona, Michael has found a second home in Genoa, not only because of his job. He commuted –reluctantly – for years and eventually decided that the only way to make the bitter pill worth swallowing was to find a job he truly loved. He is now thrilled to work in the translation industry. So despite what people say, if you ask him, what really matters is the destination, not the journey.

Having loved foreign languages all his life, he dedicated himself to studying English and French. After earning his first degree in Modern Languages and Cultures, he decided to study Translation and Interpretation because he thought it’d be helpful for his fluency. Instead, he soon realized that he legitimately enjoyed both activities.

He has written for a local online newspaper for two years and dreams of someday working as a professional journalist, too. Other than translating and writing, he also teaches English at a secondary school. At first, the idea of working with very young students scared him a bit, but he decided to try it anyway. As he puts it, “When you spend most of your days in front of a computer, it’s probably a good idea to have some human interaction too.”

Addicted to football (that’s soccer for all you Americans), he has played with mixed results on local teams since he was 9 and still likes watching matches on TV. He likes social media but doesn’t have an Instagram account…yet. He watches all sorts of TV, from trash programs to political talk shows. After finishing his degree, he re-discovered his lost passion for reading. In that regard, his commute is a welcome excuse for getting lost in a good book. He loves travelling but no matter where he goes, he will look for an Italian restaurant (and for typos on the menu, of course!)