Translator & Proofreader

At the age of 16, Giulia realized that the world was much bigger than the confines of her small home province and that she wanted to see it all. Easy, right? With this in mind, she enrolled in a secondary school for modern languages and, later on, in a Linguistic Mediation program at the University of Perugia where she earned a BA in Foreign Languages, specializing in Russian and English. Her studies took her to England, Russia, and eventually, Genoa, where she graduated with an MA in English and Russian Foreign Language and Literature in 2016.

Soon after, she left for Estonia for a six-month internship at the travel agency Fromte Travel. There, she worked in back and front office positions, led groups on trips to Russia, and had the chance to explore north-eastern Europe.

In May 2017, her adventure at Creative Words began: every day, she tackles translation, post-editing, and proofreading with the best language team in the galaxy. When translating, Giulia learns something new every day, and that’s what she loves most about her job.

In her spare time, she loves reading, cooking, and practicing outdoor sports. Lately she has gotten into climbing and, despite her very poor results, she dreams about becoming a professional climber because, deep down, she’s an incurable dreamer.