Translator & Post-editor

Alice figured out that she wanted to study modern foreign languages at the age of eight, but ended up studying ancient Greek and Latin. Upon completing her first degree at university in Linguistic Mediation, she decided to become an interpreter, but after two years at the school for translation and interpreting in Milan (University of Strasbourg) she realized that, deep down, what she truly wanted to be was a translator.

She taught English in two primary schools in Milan for two years before realizing that she really likes studying and that she wanted to move back to Genoa.

Having returned to her hometown, she continued, however, to work regularly as a freelance translator while dedicating part of her time to a research project at the University of Genoa, in the Modern Languages and Cultures department.

In love with English and Spanish, her two languages of expertise, she dreams about silencing once and for all everyone who has asked her over the course of her long academic and professional journey why she hasn’t studied Flemish or the Mandarin dialect of Chinese communities in Western Asia.

Alice is very fond of her job and also loves eating (her mom is a chef) and drinking (her dad is a sommelier). She adores and admires her sister, her complete opposite, who doesn’t even know what a foreign language is but who likes sports as much as Alice likes food and forces her to keep in shape.